Does Career Snapshot have regional data?

  • The short answer is Yes. Regional data is based on the surveys conducted by BLS. For a full list of available regions by State, see https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oessrcma.htm. Some careers do not have regional data reported. In these cases Career Snapshot will first look for any State data provided, and if no State data is provided, will then look for National data.

Can we customize the display of Careers and data?

  • Yes, out of the box you (or us) can customize colors, but we can also build a custom template based on your needs. Career Snapshot provides the data, and this data can be displayed in any customized fashion. We offer Accordion and Modal templates by default, but anything is possible!

Where is the data from? How often is the data updated?

  • The data is directly aggregated from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in combination with supplemental data from O*Net.
  • Some of the data is updated yearly based on surveys conducted by BLS. Not all regions or careers report data annually, but data is completely updated along with BLS census updates.

Are the Career Snapshot embeds accessible?

What are Career Snapshot embeds? And do I need to update them every time I add new careers?

  • Career Snapshot embeds are small snippets of code that you place on your site. Each “Snapshot” of careers has a unique embed code. If you’re familiar with YouTube embeds or Google Analytics, it’s very similar.
  • Once you set your embed code on your site, you will not need to touch the embed code again. Any careers you add will automatically be added to your site wherever the embed code is embedded.